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Chalco Forecasts that the Global Aluminium Consumption will Rise by 5.5%
Chalco stated that Tuesday that this year will see the global aluminium consumption rise by 5.5% year on year MORE
Chalco is to Build Coal Production Bases with a Total Capacity of 5 mln t/yr
Xiong Weiping, the president of Chalco, said that despite the continuous sharp fluctuations of domestic aluminium prices in 2010,... MORE
Chalco Reported a Growth Rate of 30.3% for Alumina Output in 2010
Chalco disclosed in its 2010 performance report that in 2010, it produced 10.13 million tonnes of alumina MORE
Weekly Review on the Alumina Market in China (2011.02.28~2011.03.04)
Recently, the flourishing alumina transactions last week has cooled down and stabilized. MORE
Progress Report on the Construction of Chalco Zhongzhou’s Bayer Ore-Dressing Lines
The construction of Chalco Zhongzhou’s No.3 and No.4 Bayer Ore-Dressing Lines has been in its full swing since May 25th 2010. MORE
Latest Progress Report on the Construction of Yunnan Wenshan Aluminium
Since its approval by NDRC in July 2008, the 800 kt/yr Wenshan alumina project has been under full swing construction.  MORE
China May See Its Aluminium Inventory Rise further due to Increased Output
On Monday, industrial analysts and information providers said that in March China might see its primary aluminium inventory rise further due MORE
Aba Aluminium Smelter Regains Profitability by Capacity Expansion
During the post-earthquake reconstruction last year, Aba Aluminium Smelter, an affiliate to Bosai Group, resumed operation of its 110 kt primary MORE
Henan Aluminium Smelters Is Resuming Operation of Suspended Capacities
As aluminium ingot prices remain high after the Chinese Spring Festival, many aluminium smelters in Henan province are resuming operation of MORE
Weekly Review on the Alumina Market in China (2011.02.21~2011.02.25)
This week has seen the domestic alumina price surge up on the back of sharply increased transactions. MORE