Industry News

Expected Paralleling Declines in Aa and Al Fluoride Production Due to Power Rationing
According to CMAAX, with the expanding and deepening influence of power rationing policies, major alumina producers in China, suffering from MORE
Huge Successes of Strategic Cooperation between Dongxing Aluminum and JISCO
Jiuquan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd (JISCO) has raised its stake proportion in Gansu Dongxing Aluminum Co., Ltd with an additional investment MORE
Guangxi: A 300 kt/yr Secondary Al Processing Project Kicked off in Wuzhou
In Wuzhou City of Guangxi Province, a 300 kt/yr Secondary Aluminium Processing Project, invested and constructed by Guangxi Nonferrous Metals MORE
Henan: Efforts on Energy Saving Step up, Al Utilization Ratio Lower Than 50%
With October coming to an end, Henan Province, in a bid to fulfill the 11th Five-year plan target on energy conservation and emission reduction, MORE
Chalco March Onwards with Its Diversifying Strategy after Immense Losses
Chalco’s net profit this year to September fell to RMB 413 million due to successive losses in the second and third quarters.  MORE
Yunnan Qujing Aluminum Built up Its Capacity to 380 kt/yr
Yunnan Aluminum, a subsidiary of Yunnan Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd, has completed the construction of its 380 kt/yr Aluminium Profiles MORE
China’s Output of Alumina Expected to Increase by 19.2% in 2011
Thanks to the increase of its production capacity, China will produce 95 of its own alumina demand in 2011, higher than this year’s 88 ,  MORE
Yunnan Aluminium: Hard to Succeed in Direct-Power-Purchase in Near Future
A staff with Security Dept. of Yunnan Aluminium Co., Ltd reckoned that direct purchase of power remains under the preliminary preparation stage MORE