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The CBIX Value-in-Use (ViU) adjusted bauxite price index, the world’s first and most widely quoted bauxite index, is an initiative which has evolved over many years of detailed bauxite industry experience, analysis and price assessments by the CM Group. In 2020, we have taken our bauxite index pricing to the next level by rolling out five different indexes, namely, CBIX HT, CBIX LT, Guinea LT, Indonesia LT and Australia HT.

About CBIX

CBIX is “value in use” CFR reference price for a standard gibbsitic bauxite (5% total silica, 10% moisture, 50% total alumina – 5/10/50) which reflects the market conditions for bauxite imports into China.
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  • CBIX HT Price 0.29%
  • CBIX LT Price -0.20%

Freight (Panamax)

  • North Australia to China 0.50%
  • Indonesia to China 0.00%

Bauxite Index Weekly Wraps

A weekly commentary on China’s bauxite and alumina sector, covering China’s imported bauxite market, domestic bauxite market, domestic alumina market as well as other relevant updates such as caustic soda and chlorine prices. CM has developed its own independent means of acquiring, analysing, adjusting and verifying bauxite trade data, based on our deep knowledge of global bauxite grades and historic trades, our understanding of existing and legacy contracts and our vast industry network, especially in China, where we are in constant contact with traders and refineries processing imported bauxite.


China Bauxite Monthly Update

A monthly update of the bauxite market pivoting around China, with a global reach convering major developments outside China and including regular bauxite project updates from Guinea and other major exporting countries. It is presented in the form of an easily digestible set of charts and tables, together with narrative-style commentary that provides further insights into the evolution and dynamics of China’s growing bauxite market.


Bauxite Index Quarterly Wraps

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China’s Aluminium Value Chain Quarterly Update is an independent and detailed assessment of the key metrics of China’s bauxite, alumina and primary aluminium industries, as we see them, presented in the form of an easily digestible set of charts and tables, together with relevant commentary on significant events, emerging trends and other key themes arising from our analysis.

For over a decade, we have been continually conducting in-depth studies of these industries in China, among which field studies are a cornerstone of our work. Over that time, we have drawn on, and continue to draw on, a diverse range of sources to gather primary data, on which our analyses and forecasts are based.

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