CBIX is "value in use" CFR reference pirce for a standard gibbsitic bauxite (5% Reacting Silica, 10% Moisture, 50% Reacting Alumina).

Each CBIX value is a 30 day rolling, value in use, trade weighted, average price of a representative sample of bauxite imports into China over the period.

The following schematic shows how the bauxite price index is calculated based on actual shipments of imports into China.

A high-resolution version of this schematic is available to all our index users upon request. Please contact us at info@thebauxiteindex.com with your inquiry or request.


The CBIX CALCULATOR provides a simple tool to give an indicative price for any bauxite, CFR Shandong (US$/dmt). The coefficients in the calculator are updated regularly so the results reflect the market at the time.It must be noted that the while the calculated price is reflective of the market at the time it is only indicative and cannot be relied on as a price guarantee. For a more accurate price estimate please contact the CM Group via the links on the website or using the details provided in this document.


The Al2O3 % input

The alumina input should be all the alumina (on a dry basis) that would take part in the digestion reactions during the envisaged refining process for the bauxite.

For a gibbsitic bauxite undergoing low temperature refining the alumina would be all the gibbsitic alumina plus the alumina contained in any clays (e.g. kaolinite). Put into more standard industry jargon the alumina input would typically be the Available Alumina plus the Reactive Silica.

For a boehmitic or diasporic bauxite undergoing high temperature refining the alumina input would be the total alumina present in the bauxite.

The SiO2 % input

The silica input should be all the silica (on a dry basis) that reacts during the envisaged refining process.

For a gibbsitic bauxite undergoing low temperature refining this would typically be the Reactive Silica (i.e. the silica contained in the clays such as kaolinite).For a boehmitic or diasporic bauxite undergoing high temperature refining the silica input would typically be the total silica content of the bauxite.

The H2O % input

At present the H2O % input has little impact on the CFR price. The moisture content of the bauxite effects the freight rate that any bauxite shipment attracts - so it will effect the FOB price that can be realised. The Chinese market is accepting of a wide range of moisture contents, but typically the moisture content would be no greater than 20%.