Industry News

Yunhai Metals Join Xinfa in Al Master Alloy Development
5 June Yunhai Metal Co., Ltd. and Xinfa Group signed an investment agreement under which the two parties will set up a joint venture. MORE
​Guangxi to Further Geological Exploration Efforts
Guangxi will invest more than RMB 402 mln in geological exploration during 2019 with a focus on exploration for manganese, tin, bauxite and copper MORE
Domestic Al Inventory Declines by 31 kt
3 May Total domestic aluminium inventory at China s major store houses dropped by 31 kt from last Thursday to 1.18 mln t MORE
Senze Coal & Al to Use Imported Bx
Shanxi Liulin Senze Coal and Aluminium is set to import 50 kt of bauxite from Guinea in June and plans to maintain the monthly import volume at 50 kt MORE
SMM: China May Aa Output at 5.97 mln t
SMM China produced 5.97 mln t of alumina (MGA) in May, down 1.39 on-year with annual operational capacity at 70.3 mtpy down 336 ktpy on-month and MORE
Bx Prices Rebound in Henan
Local bauxite prices lifted by RMB 20 40/t in Henan as a result of a new round of environmental checks curbing local bauxite supply. MORE
Yunnan Zhaotong Hydro-Al Project Operational
30 th May Zhaotong Hydropower Aluminium has produced a first batch of aluminium ingots, marking successful operation of the first phase of its MORE
East Hope Jinzhong: Aa Production Line Upgrades
East Hope Jinzhong Aluminium Co. Ltd. was designed with 3 mtpy alumina capacity, comprising three production lines of 1 mtpy each. MORE
Baise Mining Group: 1.2 mtpy Aa Project Online in Q3 2020
Backed by total investment of RMB 3 bln, Guangxi Baise Mining Aluminium Co., Ltd part of the Baise Mining Group - is scheduled to bring its 1.2 mtpy MORE
IM Publishes ‘Major Industrial Development Projects 2019~2021’
Recently, the local authority of IM published Major Industrial Development Projects 2019 2021 , which discusses two aluminium related projects MORE