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SMM: A Glut of Aa Supply in 2019
SMM forecast China s qualified domestic alumina capacity at 84.2 mtpy during 2019, capable of producing 73.3 mln t of MGA in 2019, up 4.1 on-year. MORE
Henan Refineries: 940 kt Consumption of Imported Bx in Q1
Henan s alumina refineries consumed 940 kt of imported bauxite in Q1 2019, indicating a reliance rate of 16 on imported bauxite, surging from 0.2 MORE
Domestic Primary Al Output Expected to Lift by 460 kt in 2019
As of April 2019, 745 ktpy of new primary aluminium capacity has come online and 426 ktpy capacity has been shut down in China. MORE
CBIX Index Wrap_12 April 2019
Imported bauxite prices into China were, on average, stable over the week MORE
SMM: China March Al Output at 2.98 mln t
China produced 2.98 mln t of primary aluminium in March 2019, down 1.5% on-year, MORE
1.25 mtpy Primary Al Quota Replaced
As of 8 th April 2019, it had been announced that 1.25 mtpy of primary aluminium operation quota has been replaced during 2019. MORE
Linfeng Aluminium and Electricity Operational by end-2019
Backed by total investment of RMB 2.3 bln, Phase I construction of Linfeng Aluminum and Electricity s 250 ktpy aluminium project began in November MORE
SMM: China March Aa Output at 6.02 mln t
SMM China produced 6.02 mln t of alumina (MGA) in March, up 5.07 on-year with annual operational capacity at 70.86 mtpy. MORE
Domestic Al Inventory Declines
8 th April Total domestic aluminium inventory in China s major store houses dropped by 8 kt from last Thursday to 1.63 mln t, MORE
100 ktpy Al Dross Comprehensive Utilization Project at Baotou
8 th April Backed by total investment of RMB 200 mln, the 100 ktpy aluminium dross/slag comprehensive utilization project at Donghe Aluminum Industry MORE