The global bauxite market has grown from its early, small-traded-volume roots into a significant bulk market with a solid core and an increasing number of players on both sides of the supply demand ledger. As it evolves, so must the market mechanisms that provide an accurate and independent reflection of the reality of daily prices and volumes.

Today, takes a sizeable step toward ensuring the market remains fully-informed and that its flagship reference price, CBIX, remains the index of choice, by providing the most accurate snapshot of prices and volumes traded into China’s growing imported bauxite market.

Moving forward, CBIX will no longer be calculated using the original 30-day rolling average methodology, but will strive to keep up with “current” market by using price data acquired by our extensive bauxite market network over a seven-day period prior to the date of publication, and fed into our calculation in the form of volume-weighted daily prices. Much like the CBIX of old in this sense, it reflects our detailed knowledge of global bauxite grades and qualities.

Notably, in order to keep records consistent and show the evolving from one single CBIX index to five different indices, the historical bauxite prices published on the site prior to 15/06/2020 are previous published data based on the old 30-day rolling average methodology, while price data published after 15/06/2020 reflects our new methodology.

CBIX Bauxite Index SPECs 2020

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