Guangxi Huasheng: January 2021 Sales Revenues of RMB350 mln


Cnal News Guangxi Huasheng reached its nameplate capacity of 2 mtpy on 11th November 2020 and has since achieved full operation, with sales revenues of RMB350 mln in January 2021. Guangxi Huasheng is capable of producing more than 7 kt of alumina per day and chiefly makes sales to Laibin…
IM Tackles Issues of Excessive Energy Consumption


China Nonferrous Metals News IM’s total energy consumption was 80 mln t of standard coal in 2020, far exceeding the upper limit of 40 mln t standard coal set by the Central Government. During the 14th FYP period (2021~2025), keeping the balance between high-energy consuming projects and enforcing policy of…
Chalco Guizhou: 2 mln t of Bx from Captive Mines


Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News Chalco Guizhou produced 2 mln t of bauxite in 2020, fulfilling its annual production target and marking a new high since the mine came online 62 years ago. The 2020 mining costs of Chalco Guizhou declined by RMB2.17/t y-o-y from 2019. Source…
SPIC Guinea: 3 mln t Bx Target for 2021


Asian Metal News SPIC Guinea bauxite project is set to start formal mining operations by end-June 2021, with an annual output target set at 3 mln t for the year. SPIC’s Guinean bauxite project, with total identified resources reserve of 900 mln t, was designed with 7.5 mtpy bauxite mining…
Aa and Al Projects of Tianshan Al Progressing


Cnal News Tianshan Aluminium Co. Ltd, with 1.4 mtpy compliant aluminium capacity quota approved by the NDRC, currently has 1.2 mtpy completed capacity. The company will develop the remaining 200 ktpy quota in due course, subject to production costs and profitability. The company’s 2.5 mtpy alumina project in Jingxi Guangxi…
Heung Kong Wanji: 60 kt Imported Bx Consumption in Feb. 2021


Asian Metal News Heung Kong Wanji, (Henan), designed with 1.4 mtpy alumina capacity across three production lines, currently uses 2 kt of imported bauxite for alumina refining per day. The company’s consumption of imported bauxite is expected to drop to 60 kt in February 2021, falling from 90 kt in…
Guinea: 82.4 mln t Bx Exports in 2020


Ministry of Commerce According to statistics released by the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of Guinea, the country exported a total of 82.4 mln t of bauxite during 2020, an increase of 24% y-o-y from 2019. Source…
Guinean Kimbo Bx 5 mln t Target for 2021


Ministry of Commerce Shandong Zibo Rundi Aluminium Industry Co. Ltd’s Kimbo bauxite project is located at Fria prefecture, Boke Region, Guinea. It has been designed with bauxite mining capacity of 10 mtpy and is set to produce and export 5 mln t of bauxite in 2021 with a focus…
SPIC Zunyi Guizhou to Restart Bx Mining in March 2021


Asian Metal News SPIC Zunyi Guizhou is set to restart bauxite mining at its mines with total capacity of 2.5 mtpy by end-March 2021. According to an internal source, the company suspended mining during 2020 due to the high sulfur content of bauxite produced from its captive mines making it…
SMB: Dapilon-Santou Railway Operational in June 2021


Aladdiny News Guinea: 18th February 2021: Construction of the Kourakoto tunnel (2.83 km) of SMB’s Dapilon-Santou railway is now complete. Backed and constructed by SMB, the 125 km Dapilon-Santou railway is located in the Boke and Kindia regions of Guinea connecting the Port of Dapilon and the Santou mine site.

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